Lichthaus Arnsberg is a new cultural space in the old city of Arnsberg. The distinctive architecture of the building and its location in the historic courtyard of the monastery Wedinghausen situate the Lichthaus between tradition and modernity.
Since 2009 Lichthaus Arnsberg presents a series of solo projects devoted to contemporary art. The international series would like to enhance the engagement with art, music and theater, as to promote new experimental concepts. Three main themes shape the program: Art, Architecture and History. They lead to site-specific, often multimedia projects, partly developed exclusively for the Lichthaus.


The light-condition of the glasshouse is changing with the natural course of the day, the openness is abolishing the border between private and public space. Whether expansive light installations or performative events, the Lichthaus would like to inspire artists and audience and develop new creative potentials beneath the community. Thus, Lichthaus Arnsberg defines itself as a lively platform, as a experimental laboratory, that would like to to contribute to the vivid dialogue and cultural richness of Arnsberg.

The projects of Lichthaus Arnsberg are realized by the Cultural Office of the City of Arnsberg.